Firm Celebrates Top Producers, Record-Breaking Year at Annual Awards Evening

Feb 27, 2016

Award show season is not just a celebration of Hollywood’s elite. Every February, right here in Dallas, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate celebrates the biggest and brightest stars of our industry as well.


Last Thursday evening, February 18, as agents gathered at the Dallas Country Club, firm founder Dave Perry-Miller addressed the room, acknowledging the tremendous achievements of everyone there, including the top producers. The excitement was palpable as results were a closely guarded secret heading into the event.

Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner

Dave Perry-Miller addresses agents at the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate Ninth Annual Awards Dinner


“The annual awards banquet motivates me to be at the office some mornings at 5:00am and to take client calls until10:30pm, or later,” says InTown Top Producer Brian Bleeker. “We all work hard to be the best at what we do.”


Perry-Miller also welcomed the Ebby Halliday corporate representatives in attendance, including President/CEO Mary Frances Burleson, CFO Ron Burgert, and Vice President and Director of Sales Betty Misko.


“We celebrate our success this past year as a company with $2.4 billion in sales,” Perry-Miller began. “This evening is our time to gather as a family and celebrate the accomplishments of everyone in this room. You deserve to be recognized for the exceptional level of sales that you created this past year.”


The McKenny Group was proud to take home awards for the following for 2015:

  • Park Cities Office Top 10 Producer
  • Park Cities Office Top Team GCI


As the evening wrapped up, Perry-Miller reiterated the firm’s secret for success.


“So many firms have mission statements. But how many times do you read a mission statement and then become disappointed, angry even, because it says one thing, but the experience you get is so completely different. What makes all of you in this room exceptional is that you live our core principle — treat other people as you would like to be treated — every day, every month, every year. And look at the results!”